How to Knock Doors

Thank you for canvassing for Warren! This campaign is a people-powered grassroots movement and would not be possible without people like you. Please use this guide to coach you through knocking doors.

The tech that we are using to canvass for Elizabeth eliminates our need for paper and uploads the data from the canvass in real time.


Step 1

Learn how

Watch the step-by-step MiniVAN video.

Or sign up for a virtual training.

Step 2

Download the app

Download the free ‘MiniVAN Touch’ app to your phone.

Step 3

Create account or login

Open the app and “Create an ActionID” or “Log In” if you already have an ActionID.

Step 4

Enter list number

Once you’re at the location where you want to canvass, enter the List Number provided by your organizer. Again, do not enter your List Number until you’re on location.

Step 5

Switch views

On the top left, click the 3 horizontal lines for a menu. Click Map View.

Step 6

Select your region

Zoom in to your region using two fingers. Each white/grey pin with a number in it is a household. This is how you will know which houses to go to.

Step 7

Select the house

Once you are at a house, click on the pin, then the address, then the person’s name who you speak to.

Step 8

Enter data

Follow the script and enter the data.

Step 9

Sync data

When you have finished a house, press Sync using the circular arrows in the top right corner.


If you’ve never done it before, canvassing for Elizabeth may feel daunting. It doesn’t have to. Here are our best canvassing tips to help you knock like a pro on day one:

  • MAKE IT PERSONAL. Voters won’t remember an exact talking point, but they will remember a personal story from their neighbor. The data shows that conversations are more effective when both people share their personal experiences, the conversation is a dialogue rather than a monologue, and when voters can see a clear connection between the canvasser and the candidate. The quality of the conversation matters more than anything when you’re on the doors.
  • IT’S NOT ONLY WHAT YOU SAY. 90% of communication is non-verbal. Smile when a voter answers the door. Take a couple of steps back from the door after you knock to allow the voter to open the door and talk. Try to hand the voter your campaign literature even if they don’t open the door at first. Not every voter will be the friendliest– don’t take it personally! Instead, focus on the positive doors and impact you’re making with each conversation.
  • USE THE SCRIPT. It’s imperative that we all stay on message when representing Elizabeth. We don’t want to convey incorrect information or engage in unproductive discourse. The script, which will change each time, will walk you through all the info you need to successfully engage. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” and direct them towards
  • TRACK EVERYTHING. The data you’ll gather from your conversations on the doors will bring is invaluable for Elizabeth’s campaign, so we have to make sure it’s thorough and accurate. Remember to always fill out the survey questions as you move through the script. You should also ensure their contact information is up to date as well. The notes section is also great for conveying any additional information from your conversations to the campaign.


Why are we canvassing? Over 20 years of research shows that meaningful person-to-person conversation with voters is the most effective way to turn people out to vote. Canvassing is the best way to accurately identify voters who will support Elizabeth on Election Day. The people we identify on the doors today will be the voters we’ll be turning out on Election Day.

What if the voter asks me a question I don’t know the answer to? That’s a-okay! Elizabeth has a LOT of plans, and we don’t expect you to be an expert. You should always be honest if you don’t know the answer to something. Let them know that you’re a volunteer and you will ask an organizer to follow up. There is a notes section for you to keep track of these questions and other necessary info. You can also direct the voter to or

Can I bring my kids or pets? Yes! We encourage you to bring your children so long as they keep you on track and help you finish your route. As for pets, use your best judgement.

Can I leave literature in a mailbox? No, never leave literature in a mailbox. When leaving literature when no one’s home, place it in between the screen door or fold it around the door handle. Placing literature in a mailbox is a federal crime.