Restoring America’s Promise to Latinos

“I’m running for president to fight for a government that works for everyone — not just the wealthy and well-connected. Now is our moment to dream big and fight hard.” – Elizabeth Warren

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If we’re going to reshape our country and save our democracy, we need to be willing to fight for bold, structural solutions to the problems we face as a nation. Elizabeth is committed to fighting side by side with — and seeking input and insight from — Latinos, Latinas and Latinx activists, community leaders, organizers, policy experts and stakeholders, every step of the way.


Elizabeth Warren’s Ultra-Millionaire Tax asks the richest 75,000 Americans to pitch in two cents on every dollar of net worth over $50 million and six cents on every dollar of net worth over $1 billion. With this tax on the wealthiest fortunes in America, we can:

  • Provide Universal Child Care and Pre-K, including raising wages for child care workers and preschool teachers—many of whom are Latina workers;
  • Invest $800 billion into our public schools so every kid has access to a high-quality public education — and we’ll protect the civil rights of Latino students, English Language Learners, and immigrant students
  • Cancel student loan debt for 95% of people who have it—which would increase the median wealth by roughly $3,280 for Latino households as a whole;
  • Provide free two- and four-year public college and technical school; and
  • Invest a minimum of $50 billion in Hispanic-Serving Institutions, HBCUs, other Minority Serving Institutions.


Elizabeth’s plan will support children with disabilities and their families and ensure that people with disabilities get a great education. She will:

  • Provide crucial early interventions and access to quality ADA-compliant child care,
  • Fight to fully fund IDEA, make school facilities accessible, and tackle discriminatory practices that harm students of color with disabilities;
  • Support English Language Learners and immigrant students with disabilities and provide resources for inclusive language development for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, their teachers, and their families; and
  • Provide access to affordable, high-quality higher education experiences, by providing free public college and technical school.


Donald Trump has weaponized a flawed immigration system and advanced policies of cruelty and division that demonize immigrants. Elizabeth’s immigration plan reshapes our immigration system into one that matches our values—and keeps families together:

  • Create an achievable path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people;
  • Reinstate the DACA, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) programs and use deferred action to cover and protect more people;
  • Eliminate abusive enforcement and bring accountability by remaking Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and ICE from top to bottom;
  • Decriminalize migration, protect those seeking refuge, and shut down private detention facilities;
  • Reduce the family reunification backlog, and reunite more families with their loved ones;
  • Reverse Trump’s anti-refugee policies and expand the refugee cap up to 175,000 by the end of Elizabeth’s first term; and
  • Provide rights and due process for everyone, including immigrants.


87 million. That’s how many American adults in 2018 were uninsured or “underinsured.” Latinos face the highest uninsured rate of any group — in 2017, nearly 17.8% of the population was uninsured. Elizabeth’s plan gets the most help to the most people as quickly as possible.

Within her first 100 days as president, Elizabeth will push Congress to give everyone the chance to join an improved Medicare program that covers vision, hearing, mental health, dental, and long term care at little to no cost. And starting on day one, Elizabeth will act to bring down the high costs of many common prescription drugs, including Insulin and EpiPens. By year three of her presidency, Elizabeth will push Congress to transition fully to Medicare for All.

Because health care is a human right.


Everyone deserves a safe, decent, and affordable place to live. Elizabeth Warren’s Housing Plan for America will:

  • Protect the rights of tenants, reduce rents by 10%, undo Trump’s housing policies that harm immigrant families, and invest in green and healthy homes for all;
  • Work to end housing segregation and require local governments to identify racist policies and undo them;
  • Have an historic down payment assistance program for buying a house targeted at families in formerly redlined areas; and
  • Invest in $500 billion over the next ten years to build, preserve, and restore millions of units that will be affordable to lower-income families.


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